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Cord Blood Center adheres to strict European legislation and meets all required criteria.

Cord Blood Center has been authorized by SWISSMEDIC (Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products). SWISSMEDIC is the authority that grants approvals for therapeutic products and thus guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the therapeutic products.

Federal Office for Safety in Health Care BASG / AGES MEA

AGES certificate

Certified extraction facility and tissue bank. License granted by the Federal Office for Public Health BASG / AGES MEA.

WMDA (World Marrow Donor Association)


Acceptance of the Slovak placental stem cell registry as a full member of the World Association of Bone Marrow Donors (WMDA ), which coordinates the search for a suitable graft for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in its global database. WMDA brings together individual bone marrow registries and cord blood banks worldwide that register HLA markers from bone marrow donors and cord blood units in the transplant database. A detailed list of member registers and tissue banks as well as the number of cord blood units can be found here ( https://statistics.wmda.info/ ).

The National Marrow Donor Program

Acceptance of the Slovak placental stem cell registry as a member of the US National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) – global transplant network. Members of this network must meet quality standards.

The Slovak Registry of Placental Hematopoietic Cells is governed by NetCord FACT standards . These standards are set by an international team of world-renowned experts in the field of cord blood storage and are the basis of the FACT accreditation program for cord blood banks.


Technical information

We regularly provide you with the latest specialist information from stem cell therapy, immunology, hematology and related areas. You can read safe facts about medicine here: 

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Hematopoietic reconstitution in a pacient with Fanconi’s anemia by means of umbilical cord blood from an HLA-identical sibling Cellular Therapy and Transplantation, 1989


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